• VIP Webinar (30 Minutes) $899 / One-time Charge – This is our VIP Webinar service. We would not only guide you with the appropriate content for the region, but help you design the email marketing campaign in Spanish, email de campaign, produce reports, design the webinar registration page in Spanish,  manage the webinar and handle all the communications with he participants in Spanish. Customer provides presenter/s.
    • Manage after webinar campaign
    • Manage presentation (customer provide presenter)
    • Designed and configure the webinar
    • Email marketing statistics reports
    • Email marketing campaign – Design and Send (Twice a week)
    • Design Email Marketing (customer provides content)

VIP Live Managed Webinar

  • We do not offer any cancelations or refunds for this service

  • We reserved the right to refuse service to anyone and for any reason

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