Automating Security Policy Validation and Enforcement

Decide which actions to take when assets do not adhere to your security policy


Knowing which assets do not match your security policy is certainly valuable, but only if you have the resources to fix them. Very few security teams have extra bandwidth to immediately deploy software, add devices to a VA scan, or update a CMDB with up-to-date asset information. Can’t this be automated?


With the Axonius Policy Enforcement Center, customers can decide what level of action to automate. Using simple queries, customers can enable trigger-based actions to:

  • Deploy Software   C

  • Run Commands

  • Isolate Assets in an EDR solution

  • Add Assets to a Scan

  • Patch

  • Block Assets at the Firewall



  • Create a CMDB Entry

  • Manage Active Directory Services

  • Notify Via Email, Syslog, or Slack

  • Create an Incident or Ticket

  • Add a Tag