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Mar 13 a las 08:00 – 17:00 Sheraton Mexico City Maria Isabel Hotel
SPONSORS VIP SPONSORS MAS INFORMACION AGENT FOR THE USA & SPAIN If you are located in the USA or SPAIN and you are interested in exhibiting please contact: Enpersona360, 75 E. Santa Clara St., San Jose, CA 95113, CONTACT US www.enpersona360.com Mexico City 2017 Share your experiences / Comparte tus experiencisa .so-panel#panel-426-1-0-0 input, .so-panel#panel-426-1-0-0 textarea{}.so-panel#panel-426-1-0-0 input[type="submit"], .so-panel#panel-426-1-0-0 button{}.so-panel#panel-426-1-0-1 input, .so-panel#panel-426-1-0-1 textarea{}.so-panel#panel-426-1-0-1 input[type="submit"], .so-panel#panel-426-1-0-1 button{}.so-panel#panel-426-1-1-0 input, .so-panel#panel-426-1-1-0 textarea{}.so-panel#panel-426-1-1-0 input[type="submit"], .so-panel#panel-426-1-1-0 button{}.so-panel#panel-426-1-1-1…
Mar 15 a las 08:00 – 13:00 Sheraton Ambassador Hotel
NO ONE KNOWS SECURITY IN LATIN AMERICA LIKE ISEC & Enpersona360 185 INFOSECURITY VIP editions in 14 Years24 Editions in 2017 and over 10,000 participants20 Countries in Latin America & Caribean140.000 people have already visited INFOSECURITYOver 3,500 Sponsors – Almost everyone who is anyone in the market75,000 subscribers to our Events NEWSLETTER2,100 SEMINARS16,000 Students – #1 EDUCATIONAL CENTER in LATAM MAS INFORMACION AGENT FOR THE USA & SPAIN If you…