Don’t Take Chances.

Take Control.

The more devices we introduce into our work environments, the more solutions we buy to manage them. Products like NAC, SIEM and endpoint protection tools provide valuable, but siloed, information that gives little visibility into the big picture.


Axonius is the only solution that offers a unified view of all assets and their coverage, empowering customers to ask questionsget answers and take action to enforce their organization’s security policies.

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Start With A Comprehensive Inventory

Axonius integrates with customers’ existing security and management solutions to provide a complete inventory of all assets in their environment—whether managed or unmanaged, in the cloud or on-premise. With no agents to install, the system can be fully deployed in less than an hour.


Identify Coverage Gaps

With an understanding of every asset, customers can easily use queries to understand how each asset relates to their security policies. Queries may be written for one-off searches or can be saved and run on an ongoing basis.

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Validate and Enforce Security Policies

The Axonius Policy Enforcement Center makes it possible for customers to set triggers and associated policy enforcement responses. Users can automate a number of actions, including installing software, scanning devices and blocking devices from their network.