About us 

In 2018 SecureLATAM was born as a community of 15,000 members of cybersecurity professionals. Created a platform that could connect the industry across continents by offerings ur members a place to promote their services, events and job openings 
Within a years time , after listening to the needs and demands of our members in the cybersecurity industry we transformed our business model- from a community to a service-oriented platform. 
Our members have voiced their main points: they're in need of IT managed services because they simply don't have the capital or the time to invest in it them selfs. They are seeking different opportunities to pitch their services to people in the Latin America Community. Some of witch , are also seeking guidance on hw to position their messaging and services to resonate with the people in the Latin American Region. 
Now , SecureLATAM not only invites industry professionals to connect with others - but we've evolved our platform to also invite vendors to also engage with our growing network of cybersecurity professionals in the Latin American region through our IT Managed Services and Marketing Services